Cain's Carpet Care & Restoration offers a disinfecting fogger service. Using a commercial ultra-low volume (ULV) wet fogger, our technician will spray our hospital grade disinfectant throughout the premises. Our disinfectant is FDA 510(k) cleared for disinfecting and cleaning medical devices. And - yes - it is listed as an approved chemical to kill COVID-19. Pricing starts at $69.95, and prices vary based on the square foot. For example, a standard size 3-bedroom home (approx. 1500 sft) would be $150. Application lasts usually 1-2 hours, and we recommend that you vacate the building during the application process and not return for 4-6 hours after application (staying in your garage on the porch/backyard is fine). The chemical we use is perfectly safe for areas with pets and children, but breathing the fumes during application is NOT recommended.